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Oral Appliances Custom Made for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

We help determine the proper medical device for your individual needs. Using the latest technology we fit you with a mouth guard proven to be effective. We provide these services after you have been seen by a professional MD that lets us know your status. We do not do sleep testing. Many people that snore may have an underlying disease such as insomnia or Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is closely related to Heart disease, high Blood Pressure, and many other serious medical issues. It is the job of a qualified Sleep MD to determine your health status. Prior to making any appliance, even a snore guard, we want to make sure that we are not neglecting a health issue and risking your life. Sleep Apnea is a serious disorder!! We do screen patients that have not yet been diagnosed, and work closely with the best Sleep MD’s in the area

There are many devices that can be utilized and we work closely with the manufacturers. Based on an extensive exam we determine the best device for your individual situation

DOT COMPLIANCE– Oral appliance to replace CPAP

We are one of the only offices in the area that fabricate oral appliances with compliance chips. Similar to the required testing for usage with CPAP, our chip satisfies the State and Employer requirements. The device has a small chip imbedded that can be scanned in a matter of minutes in our office to show that you are using the device on a daily basis. If you find that you cant wear the CPAP , our device with the chip is a great alternative

C-PAP  Alternative

This is the gold standard of care and if it works for you please don’t change. Your health is our main concern, and we are looking to help those that cannot tolerate or wear the C-PAP and similar devices.



Screening for Sleep Breathing Disorders

We evaluate an extensive medical history and take your Blood pressure and other vitals to determine if you have any Medical conditions often linked to Sleep issues. Questionnaires used by Sleep MD s are utilized as a marker for a sleep disorder.  Following an interview with Dr Daar we determine if there is a need to seek the opinion of a Medical Doctor that specializes in sleep medicine. They will be able to determine if a Sleep disorder exists and the appropriate treatment.


Dental Sleep Providers

As a Dentist, Dr Daar does not diagnose sleep apnea.  That’s the job of specialists in the medical field. However, Dentists are the only health care providers that can make and deliver oral appliances to treat snoring and sleep breathing disorders.

In our Dental practice, Dr Daar and Associates screen all patients for possible harmful sleep issues.  Patients that have been diagnosed with sleep apnea are referred back to our office , if the Sleep Doctor has determined that and oral appliance may be helpful. We also receive referrals for patients that are unable to use their prescribed CPAP machine to control their issues. An oral device alone or in combination with a positive air pressure often is successful. Many patients that are tested actually simply have a snoring issue and no other medical factors. For them we can make a snoring appliance.

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